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25 July 2014
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Online Forms

Each of our online forms have been tested by someone using “Access Technology”, to ensure that they are fully accessible. JAWS is able to read and navigate each form without difficulty.

Information to help screen reader users fill in & submit online forms ...

Where forms have "Check" boxes, it will be necessary to press the “Space Bar” on the box you wish to nominate.

If the form has a combination of "Edit" and "Check" boxes, you will need to change into and out of "Forms" mode. This is done by pressing the "Enter" key when placed in an edit field and the "Plus" key on the numeric keypad when you wish to leave "Forms" mode.

When you are in "Forms" mode you are able to type text straight into the edit field. It is always advisable to turn "Forms" mode off as soon as you have finished with the edit box, as, it is easier to navigate the rest of the form without "Forms" mode.

The "Tab" key is one of the quickest and easiest ways of moving around a form. You will be taken to each of the items that you can alter in turn when you press the "Tab" key. It is also possible to move backwards through the choices by using the "Shift" key in conjunction with the "Tab" key.

If you choose to leave the form without completing it, you should be aware of the following:

Once you have moved onto a "Next Page", it will be necessary to leave the form in a different way to normal. The steps below will show you how:

  1. Find the "Previous Page" button towards the bottom of the page.

  2. Press Enter to return to the front page of the form.

  3. Press down the Alt key and hold it, at the same time, press the left arrow key three times in quick succession.

The above steps will make it possible to exit the form and return you to the original link without having to quit your browser.

All accessibility tips have been tried out using the Windows system. The screen reader used was JAWS.

If you use Access technology and you have any practical advice or you have experienced problems navigating our website, then please email webmaster@wealden.gov.uk.